In Our Montessori Friendly Book Bag This Week (Week 38)

A Trip to the Library is a Magical Thing

+ Love Song for a Baby by Marion Dane Bauer

When I talk about ‘Montessori Friendly’ illustrations this is it! They’re as true to life as you get and I notice that not only am I drawn to them much more, so is Althea. She looked so much longer at this book than the others, I can only guess this is because the images look familiar to her and she is drawn to the detail. It also has a love poem all the way through.

+ Puppy and Friends (Priddy Books)
It is so much easier to find Montessori Friendly non-fiction than it is to find fiction. We’re a big fan of the touchy feely books right now. She has a couple of farm animal and wild animal books but I wanted to find one with animals she might be more familiar with. This Puppy and friends books has one lovely large photograph per page, set against a simple white and pastel backdrop. The prose rhymes and there is a question on each page, which I appreciate because sometimes as a parent you’re feeling tired and uninspired and asking ‘where’s the puppy’ gets a little dull.

+ Little Poems for Tiny Ears by Lin Oliver

My husband hated this and I have to admit I found myself cringing through some of these ‘poems’. Although lacking in rhythm, there is lots of simple rhyming, which is just fine for ‘tiny ears’ and the illustrations, although still cartoonised, depict real life.

+ Building Site (Feel and Find Fun)

We live on one and Althea enjoys watching the cranes and diggers at work from our balcony so I thought this book was perfect for right now. Again the photographs are large and clear and set against a plain background. It introduces lots of vocabulary, short phrases and the sounds the different vehicles make.

+ Little You by Richard Van Camp

This book is so soothing; everything from the illustrations and simple red, orange, gray and black colour palette to the language and rhythm of the verse. It’s a lovely one to finish up with at bedtime.

+ Each Peach Pear Plum by Janet and Allan Ahlberg

This is a much loved classic. Although it features fairy tale and nursery rhyme characters, they lend themselves well to the rhyme and rhythm of the verse and are depicted as real people, in real life scenarios, so I think that can be overlooked. Althea, at 8 months, is already drawn to the detail in the illustrations, and know much older children who still enjoy this book. 

We are also still holding on to ‘Everywhere Babies’ by Susan Meyers from last weeks book bag. This is definitely her favourite right now.

If you’re interested in what makes a book ‘Montessori Friendly’ you can read THIS POST HERE

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Welcome! I’m a first-time, stay-at-home Mum to Althea (born Jan 2017) and wife to Theo, a high school English Teacher and DR of American History. We moved from the UK to South East Asia 4 years ago and we now live in Singapore. My background is in Applied Child Psychology and Early Childhood Education. Prior to having Althea I was an Early Years Teacher specialising in the under three’s. And now I’m here, documenting this this little chapter of our lives at home together, doing things 'The Montessori Way'.

2 thoughts on “In Our Montessori Friendly Book Bag This Week (Week 38)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I’ve been looking for the Global babies series in our library after I saw it on a few blogs. I will order them from the UK if I don’t find them because they look really good.


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